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Do you want to ensure that your new employee is an ideal match for you? Carry out an assessment center with us then: With professional tools and 15 years of experience, we help you to choose the right candidate for your vacancy amongst many applicants.

Conducting assessment centers has been an established way of selecting for executive positions for many years: Employers and HR Managers can experience candidates and applicants in relevant labor situations and therefore make considerably better decisions.

Assessment Centers for HR selection and personnel development

By means of assessment centers, skills and potentials of applicants and employees can be evaluated reliably even before a hiring decision. Immense costs caused by misplacements year in and year out can thus be avoided.

Assessment centers are not only being utilized for external applicants: They are also well-suited for internal potentials whose long-term commitment to the company can be addressed by targeted personnel and career development.

Course of a professional Assessment Center

The method of assessment centers is to let candidates face simulated occupational and everyday-life like situations and job specific challenges. A panel of corporate decision-makers and experienced external specialists observe them in the process.

By comparing the observations with previously defined criteria, a differentiated profile of strengths and weaknesses can be created that provides important starting points for the upcoming HR decisions.

  • High objectivity: Several qualified observers judge the candidate from different perspectives.
  • Reliable forecasts: The deployed exercises are adapted to the target position so that future behavior can be predicted.
  • Comprehensive impression: By using diverse methods, a broad overview of the candidate’s skills and potentials arises.
  • Fairness: Due to a clear focus and the orientation on defined criteria, all candidates are comparable.
  • Individual conception: We develop assessment centers that are particularly customized for your company and imply job specific tasks.
  • Customized form: We organize both group and individual assessment centers, which last one day or several days at client’s option.
  • Moderation: We take care of realizing assessment centers – at our premises or your location.
  • Coaching and Training: We train you and your staff as observers and interviewers for the assessment center – individually or in group trainings.

Assessment centers hence facilitate particularly effective HR decisions; and scientific studies dealing with the validity of instruments for HR selection also indicate that:

Method Validity max. 1,00
Application Documents 0,14 – 0,20
Job Interview 0,00 – 0,25
Intelligence Test 0,10 – 0,30
Performance Test 0,10 – 0,20
Personality Test 0,20 – 0,40
Assessment Center 0,40 – 0,75

Due to their high validity, the implementation of assessment centers is recommendable whenever a key position is to be filled.

Personal Excellence uses assessment centers in order to assist clients both in external HR selection and internal recruitment decisions or personnel development projects. In close coordination with the company’s HR managers, we design assessment centers which are adapted to the individual requirements of specific jobs.

Did we catch you with our enthusiasm for assessment centers? We look forward to hearing from you!

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