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HR Consulting in Customer Service

A good customer service is essential for present-day companies: Nowadays, a smooth communication with the customer plays an outstanding role in many industries. Working with a strong partner in charge of HR issues is thus highly recommendable, especially in the sector of customer service.

Many HR consultants still think of customer service as a traditional order hotline with working conditions in need of improvement. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that these are highly complex systems playing a key role for the economic success of companies. Just as little that there are lots of wonderful service centers which offer good customer service and also very convenient working conditions. In line with the industry standard fringe benefits such as free drinks, various incentives culminating in massages etc., the call center industry actually sets itself positively apart from many other industries.

At an early point of time, we have recognized customer service’s challenges to modern HR work. Are you looking for a team manager who can ensure compliance with the AHT, the SL and the other KPIs? You want a Chief WFM who is well schooled in IVR and ACD?

We know the demands of modern customer service and can focus the specifics of your company. Shape your customer care with us – effectively and sustainably!

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